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Blackcurrant Gummies

A simple way to get Vitamin C and antioxidants in for the kids (or yourself), while feeling like you're eating lollies! 20gm (2 sachets) of ViBERi Organic NZ Blackcurrant Powder 1/8...

Hot Blackcurrant Soother

Feel like you have a cold coming on? Perhaps a sore throat or a tickle? Try this brew of blackcurrants and spices because it's delicious, or because it's packed with potent ingredients...

Blackcurrant Nicecream

Needing a sweet treat? Too many bananas going off? Try this blackcurrant nicecream - no nasties, no sugar, THREE ingredients!

Blackcurrant Reduction

Give your game meat a boost with a simple but rich and effective blackcurrant reduction. This will become a staple!

Blackcurrant and Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a super easy, but eye catching recipe that is great for a dinner party dessert platter, a snack or to wrap up as a gift!

Blackcurrant and Apple Pies

There isn't much more rewarding than making your own pies and suprisingly, it's not as difficult as you may think! Pair with runny cream or a hot homemade custard <3

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