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Have you tried our freeze-dried blackcurrants?

Whether as an additive in smoothies, salads or cereals, or even as a snack, these healthy freeze-dried blackcurrant berries are vital and delicious. We are return buyers and will undoubtedly continue to buy from direct from ViBERi.

Jenny L.

I love these bursts of flavour in my home made granola and love the fact they are organic too so I know there are no hidden sprays. Have given them to friends to try and know they will be buying them too!

Miriam C.

ViBERi freeze-dried blackcurrants have been a staple at the breakfast table for more than a year now. Not a good morning when we run out as they make our muesli so much better. Highly recommend them!!

Lisa A.

Two Superfoods Are Better Than One!

ViBERi Certified Organic Blackcurrant Orchard - Pleasant Point, New Zealand.

ViBERi is a 100% certified organic blackcurrant orchard in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Blackcurrants from our orchard to your table!

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Blackcurrants offer us so many amazing health benefits...

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Trying is believing!

You can shop our 100% certified organic blackcurrant range direct from the ViBERi orchard.