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Zoom Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Zoom Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Zoom Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg


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Spray-Free Blackcurrant Powder

Produced in the transitional period between being a conventional and a certified-organic blackcurrant farm.

While stocks last.

Please note: The transitional powder is produced from berries on our farm. However, the blackcurrant varieties used, processing and packaging of the powder is not the same as with our organic product. The transitional powder has recently been tested and meets our specifications. It will not taste exactly like the organic blackcurrant powder.

If in doubt, please try our superior-quality organic blackcurrant powder. We will not issue refunds for the transitional blackcurrant powder due to an unexpected taste.


Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Nichole C. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Blackcurrant powder for that Vit C hit!!

Love this stuff

Renato (Nelson, New Zealand)
Great Blackcurrant Taste

Speedy delivery, excellent product. I have been using it for more than 2 years and put a teaspoon into my morning muesli.

S. D. (Cambridge, New Zealand)
Great product

Easy to use, many ways of consuming it, great flavour.
Fast delivery too

Jenny B. (Wellington, New Zealand)

An easy and tasty way to eat this (without having to add it to smoothies or other foods) is to mix it with a small amount of milk powder (skim), e.g. 10g blackcurrant powder and 10g milk powder. Stir together. Add a small amount of water, e.g. 1/4 cup (60ml), stir to mix, then eat. The consistency is like sorbet (but not cold) and the mild sweetness of the lactose in the milk powder makes it delicious.

Sharron (Wellington, New Zealand)
Jury is out

I've only been trying this out for just over a week so not sure what I think about it yet. Still trying to find the best way to use it easily (usually on cereal) as I'm not a smoothie fan. A bit more tart than I expected.


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Where can I find your products in-store?

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How can I use Blackcurrants?

Just 10g per day is all you need to get your daily dose of Vitamin C and anthocyanins. Sprinkle a tablespoon of powder or dried berries over yoghurt, porridge or museli. Or maybe whip up an easy breakfast smoothie to start your day on the right step.

Customers rate us 4.9/5 based on 424 reviews.


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