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Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg

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Spray-Free Blackcurrant Powder

Produced in the transitional period between being a conventional and a certified-organic blackcurrant farm.

Since our entire orchard is now certified-organic, this value pack is only available while stocks last!


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Fabulous product!

I’ve been buying Viberi products for several years because I feel they’re of great benefit to my body as well as being super tasty, easy to use and store. The Transitional Blackcurrant powder is no exception, it tastes great and is very versatile. Mostly I use it in my smoothies or just with a green powder and Collagen as a daily boost for my body. Vitamin C should always be used alongside Collagen as they assist each other so this works perfectly and I get a high dose of antioxidants and the great taste of the Blackcurrant powder disguises any bitterness that may occur from the additional green powders such as Kale, Chlorella or Wheatgrass without any unwanted processed sugars. It’s a win win!

Black Currant is a great product

I really enjoy using Black Currant in drinks and dessert. The tangy taste of black Currant makes for a Devine Dessert that my family enjoys.

Morning Drink

I'm 68 and I drink a 4 oz concoction every morning consisting of apple cider vinegar, collagen, black maca and cherry juice. Due to the taste, it was tough to get down and required follow up shots of cherry juice. I read about Viberi black currants and decided to add it to my concoction.
Not a great taste but so much better than it was and so much easier to drink. Since I have added black currant I have noted an appreciable energy gain. No BS

On the go superfood!

A great New Zealand made product.
I use it as a mid afternoon power smoothie that lasts through my after work gym sessions.

A healthy and versatile addition

The blackcurrant powder is a great start to the day mixed with porridge or muesli, adding vibrant colour, taste and flavour and of course a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants