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Deliciousness and Healthy

I have Viberi in smoothies and on gluten free breakfast cereals and ice cream, love it♥️

Excellent product

I have been using this as supplement drink and has improved my overall wellbeing and energy.

Easy and delicious

I’ve been buying this for ages, I add a heaped spoonful to my porridge daily, so delicious and as a runner I’m positive it helps with recovery.

Fantastic product

I've been using the Blackcurrant Powder for a few years in my morning smoothie and love it. What a great start to the day!

Great for the eyes

After the age of 40 and from prolong use of our 3C products, I could really feel the strain in my eyes.. with this versatile powder.. I can add it to my morning smoothies and baking for the kids.. I can see much clearer now and have a little bit less worry about my kids eyes

Scrumptious Blackcurrants.

I look forward to my breakfast each morning which is: a small cored chopped apple, rolled oats and blackcurrants cooked for a few minutes, add coconut milk and and two dessert spoons of yoghurt, sprinkle with a handful of chopped walnuts, brazil nuts and almonds. Delicious. No need for lunch.

Our regular breakfast addition

We use the viberi powder as an add-on to our muesli. Adds to the flavour nicely.

Versatile yum

I find they are the best additive to cereal in the morning. Easy snack by them selves and a great additive to baking, puddings and stewed fruit. Also love the Noir. Easy with the subscription -we don’t end up running out!


Easy to use packed full of flavour

Transitional black currant powder

My husband and I rate your product ver highly. I is so delicious we have it on our porridge every morning.

Love this product with smoothies.

Viberi Transitional Blackcurrent

I used to buy frozen black currents but find the 1 kg transitional powder easier and no more expensive. I add a heaped teaspoon to daily porridge or hot breakfast cereal and occasional make hot drinks with it.

Great for my kids

I have been using this Viberi powder for a few years now. It’s so versatile I use it in the kids smoothies and gummies for a vitamin c boost. I definitely recommend it.


These had been exposed to heat during delivery so were a very runny goo at the bottom of the packet. But I will use them. Just wanted you to know

So versatile

My two year old loves munching on these for morning tea. They’re also excellent in muesli or baking. Pack lots of flavour and it’s great knowing they’re organic and super healthy!

This makes the difference

I suffer from juvenile glaucoma and Viberi is so important for eye and nerve health. My optic nerves are actually looking better than they were 6 months ago - not sure if it is the Viberi that has made the difference but it certainly has with regard to my energy levels. Smoothies, shakes and chia puddings. Love it as an addition to everything.


I love this product. A friend introduced me to ViBeri black current sachets and now I am hooked. I have it on my porridge every morning. One sachet lasts a long time...like one to two weeks. Value for money!

Very Delicious

These didn't last long, need to learn more self control lol.

Tastes good

Love it, so versatile.
Pancakes, smoothies, cakes, yoghurt, porridge the list goes on.
So many health benefits for me and my child.


So I've just recently replaced coffee with smoothies! Green smoothies mostly, but now, purple smoothies!

These blackcurrants in a smoothie are super tasty & energising. For me, it's a perfect pick up, pre-workout, or just general feel good drink 😁

Loving how much better I feel!

Great for smoothies

Absolutely love the viberi powder - use this daily in my smoothies for my two young boys too. Extra Vit C for them and lovely taste too. Used to use the freeze dried but the powder is great.

Love these!

These little gems are like crunchy healthy Maltesers! I’m a bit obsessed.

Amazing product

I've been using the Viberi blackcurrent powder for the past couple of weeks. 1 heaped tsp a day in my morning smoothie - I'm so impressed and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin, hair & nails. Great product - will definitely be purchasing more!! Great service too and quick delivery!

Product review

It is a good product. The taste is good.
I also recommended this product to my families and they all like it.


These are my favourites! Eating them, is like a party in your mouth. They are my treats, yummy chocolate and black currants.