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Fabulous product!

I’ve been buying Viberi products for several years because I feel they’re of great benefit to my body as well as being super tasty, easy to use and store. The Transitional Blackcurrant powder is no exception, it tastes great and is very versatile. Mostly I use it in my smoothies or just with a green powder and Collagen as a daily boost for my body. Vitamin C should always be used alongside Collagen as they assist each other so this works perfectly and I get a high dose of antioxidants and the great taste of the Blackcurrant powder disguises any bitterness that may occur from the additional green powders such as Kale, Chlorella or Wheatgrass without any unwanted processed sugars. It’s a win win!


These are amazing little gems! Use them to make so many different things.

Versatile, Healthy & Yum!

Whether as an additive in a smoothies, salads or cereals, or even as a snack, these healthy blackcurrant berries are vital and delicious.
We are return buyers and will undoubtedly continue to buy from direct from ViBeri.


mmmm these Viberi pearl blackcurrants are divine. The BEST way to eat these fruit! A lovely light chocolate treat without feeling heavy afterwards. Such a decadent treat.

Very Good!

These were all gone in a matter of hours ;) Highly recommend

Very Good!

I love this honey, would buy it again!

Viberi Pearl

Yum, the hit of blackcurrant provides a delicious shot of flavour and the white chocolate is barely noticeable. Lovely combination.

Viberi Noir

I gave these as Christmas presents. I went round the next day and the first packet was empty. Delicious, moorish I was told.

Colour Burst

These are very my favourite of the different varieties. I love them all, but these ones sing with the black currant powder.

Rich and Wholesome

Dark chocolate is good for us, black currants are are good for us, what a great combo. These are great to have when tramping or any exercise where you need a quick hit of energy

Sweet Indulgence

These are my after dinner treat. They are delicious, they are chocolate but they are also very nutritious. What could be better?

Fab on a pav

Love this product . Not only for their health benefits and yum flavor when I have them with yoghurt and muesli for breakfast , Freeze dried blackcurrents look and taste awesome on the Xmas pavlova , with mango and a bit of grated chocolate 😋😋😋

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Black Currant is a great product

I really enjoy using Black Currant in drinks and dessert. The tangy taste of black Currant makes for a Devine Dessert that my family enjoys.


Viberi's Blackcurrent powerder has kept us from any cold's for two years. I have a 12 year old school girl who has remained healthy from daily use of this product. In fact, I am so delighted with the powerder, I have subscribed to receive it every 12 weeks. Versitile and delicious all year round.

Vibrant Viberi

Love the powder it's so versatile. My fav at the moment is coconut water, viberi powder ,kefir yogurt and a hand full of herbs, I use coriander cos I love it. Very refreshing and the body soaks it up.

Purple Magic

I first got a taste of this wonderful product at the Whangarei Woman's Expo a few years ago now & have been hooked every since. I just love the Viberi Blackcurrant Powder, I add it to our summer smoothies, muffins, slices, bliss balls & plain home-made yoghurt to name a few. I have found this product to be very effective in helping to keep my immune system at its best. I am a busy Mum of 3 & the kids & I enjoy boosting our immune systems with this purple magic powder any time throughout the year, I highly recommend the sachets & they are super convenient to keep handy or share with friends & family :)

Morning Drink

I'm 68 and I drink a 4 oz concoction every morning consisting of apple cider vinegar, collagen, black maca and cherry juice. Due to the taste, it was tough to get down and required follow up shots of cherry juice. I read about Viberi black currants and decided to add it to my concoction.
Not a great taste but so much better than it was and so much easier to drink. Since I have added black currant I have noted an appreciable energy gain. No BS

Super delicious

I love these crunchy tasty morsels sprinkled on top of my morning muesli & yoghurt. Just gives a zingy addition to the plate with all the great nutrients of black currants - yummo🥰


Very happy with this product and delivery. Thankyou

On the go superfood!

A great New Zealand made product.
I use it as a mid afternoon power smoothie that lasts through my after work gym sessions.

Good for the eyes

All dark berries are good for the eyes, but blackcurrants are the best - according to what I have read in the medical literature. I eat them (soft dried) every morning with my breakfast cereal, and would recommend them to anyone who fears loss of eyesight in old age. Ordering them from Viberi is easy, and delivery is always prompt.

A healthy and versatile addition

The blackcurrant powder is a great start to the day mixed with porridge or muesli, adding vibrant colour, taste and flavour and of course a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants

Delicious Snack

Delicious snack - weaned me off chocolate bars.

My son's love smoothies with vibe powder

I bought some at the Green Expo Wellington, my son's loved making smoothies with it. Bought the big bag of powder online, it's great, less packaging. My boys still love drinking it. It tastes amazing.

Great Product

We are very happy with this product its nicely packaged