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RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g

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ViBERi organic crispy freeze dried blackcurrants rolled in the highest grade organic Belgian white chocolate and dusted with blackcurrant powder. 

Melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate enfolds a crunchy, zesty centre. We like to call these our healthy Maltesers. 

ViBERi Ruby blackcurrants are an excellent on-the-go treat, you can add them to your Trail mix or decorate your baking with them. 

ViBERi Ruby are the crowd-favourite! 

  • Organic premium Belgian white chocolate
  • Dusted in ViBERi organic blackcurrant powder 
  • Organic NZ blackcurrants grown on our orchard (read more about us here)
  • No GMO used
  • 100% certified organic product 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mayu S. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Very tasty healthy snacks

Everyone I share it with love the product. It's tasty on its own, or on a cake, or on yoghurt.

Tristram B. (Upper Hutt, New Zealand)
Very yummy

Got 10 packets and they almost all gone.
Great for a snack or ontop of cereal

Kathryn T. (Auckland, New Zealand)

So delicious...the only problem is that there is no saving these for later - once you open the packet, you will eat them all.

Linda G. (Nelson, New Zealand)
Love these!

These little gems are like crunchy healthy Maltesers! I’m a bit obsessed.

Liz L. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Colour Burst

These are very my favourite of the different varieties. I love them all, but these ones sing with the black currant powder.